The Active Bol is located at Camp Aloa in Bol, Croatia, the best place on the Adriatic coast for kiteboarding.

Thanks to its reliable and stable mistral wind, Bol is the perfect place to learn kiteboarding. The wind gradually picks up through the day, making it ideal for beginners in the morning and experts in the afternoon.
We have a wide range of kiteboarding courses and private lessons available, or if you are already proficient, you can just hire equipment. Please check out the link below for further details on the types of courses and rental packages that we offer.

If you have never tried Kiteboarding, all our classes are run according to IKO standards with an IKO-licensed instructor. The classes are fun, and under their guidance, you will be amazed at how quickly you progress.

Kiteboarding School Pricelist

Discovery lesson200 €theory + boat lesson (1 day )
Beginners lesson500 €theory + 4 boat lessons (4 days )
Advanced lesson500 €4 boat lessons (4 days )
2 days kite lesson330 €theory + 2 boat lessons
3 days kite lesson430 €theory + 3 boat lessons
Theory only70 €1.5 hour
Boat lesson130 €2.5 hours
Rent80 €half day ( afternoon )

Kiteboarding Theory

Theory duration is around 1.5h on the shore (starting every day at 11:00h)

  • SEA ( spot, environment, activity) assessment
  • about thermal Mistral wind
  • equipment setup
  • safety systems use
  • pre-flight check
  • wind window explanation
  • body drag and power-dives theory

Boat Lesson

Boat lesson duration 2.5h on the boat with maximum of 3 students

– one kite swap between the students

– every student using and working with kite 2x25min

  • first piloting from the boat with an instructor
  • basic body position in the water
  • piloting the kite through a wind window
  • water relaunch
  • body drag drills
  • power dives practice
  • “with the board” drills
  • steady pull
  • water start
  • controlled stop
  • control of speed by edging
  • ride upwind
  • learning higher skills

Doing lessons in the deep water from a speedboat has a lot of advantages, proven by a lot of our experience in kiteboarding.

Learning curve doing lessons that way shows impressive progress.

Some of the important advantages:

  • lessons are done away from any obstacles
  • the instructor is constantly present and close to the student
  • possibility to follow all the time and react fast if help needed
  • quick mastery of body dragging, which is crucial to becoming completely independent
  • taking a break in the boat between kite swaps and observing other mistakes and progression
  • feedback and communication with the instructor during the break
  • riding longer lines in both directions and mastering faster board balance and control

If you are looking for unspoiled nature away from the hustle and bustle, you have come to the right place!

Special Offer

Just in case the mistral doesn’t blow one day, we offer all of our guests who sign up for a weekly equipment rental package or participants on any of our windsurfing courses free use of a SUP or kayak. What better way to get out and explore the pristine nature and beautiful coastline that surrounds our location?

If you are looking for unspoilt nature away from the hustle and bustle, then you have come to the right place.